Vision for Kitchen Remodel :: The Plan!

In the beginning of this year, we decided it was time to invest in our home in a BIG way – a total kitchen remodel. We started making plans, I started collecting ideas and inspiration, and then about a month ago… we gutted the whole thing.

Vision for Kitchen Remodel The Plan! (1)

Vision for Kitchen Remodel The Plan! (1)

Let me tell you guys, this is a PROCESS. Unlike any other. It’s one thing when you’re the designer it’s another when you’re the ‘client’ so to speak. There are SO. MANY. decisions to be made that I may be losing my mind just a bit, so I’m considering this my boot camp for wedding planning. That said – this is gonna be a loooong post so I hope you were planning on slacking off today at work!

This was my vision. Well one version of it anyway. Think modern farmhouse without it being too farmhouse. So once I had a plan in mind, first thing was first. We had to hire a contractor, and we found a fantastic one.

jeanne D.sal

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