The Top 50 Miniature Fairy Garden DIy Ideas

Ever since Walt Disney made fairies even more popular through his creative use of the pixie character, Tinker Bell in “Peter Pan,” there seems to have descended a mesmerizing influence over the dwelling places of women’s homes and apartments with their use of fairy garden designs. Ladies can’t seem to get enough of the little creatures as many women strive to create their own little worlds of make believe within their designed DIY fairy garden.

The Top 50 Miniature Fairy Garden DIy Ideas (1)

The Top 50 Miniature Fairy Garden DIy Ideas (1)

Using whimsical fairy garden ideas, women create a sense of childlike magic as some even think that these gardens do in fact supernaturally attract the little spirit beings to their abodes. However, knowing that many women simply look at their DIY fairy garden as a decorative touch or as an accessory to the rest of their home design environment, vast numbers of quality online stores have emerged that provide everything the ladies may want to display a mini-fairy garden.

How Do You Create A Fairy Garden Design?
With a lot of imagination. This being said, here are easy steps to creating a miniature fairy garden design:

1.Decide on the container that you’ll use.
2.Sketch out the layout of your garden with a stick, or draw it out on a piece of paper.
3.Pick a tiny tree as a focus point for your garden. You can also use woody herbs like sage, rosemary, or lavender.
4.Add the tiny accessories, and there you have it!

Now, let’s take a look at our top 60 miniature fairy garden displays, their descriptions and the creative approaches that will stretch your imagination to the max.

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