Beautiful Scandinavian Apartment Design, for a simple lifestyle

Our Style: I would say my style is typical Scandinavian. I like to combine natural elements with modern design pieces while keeping the mood calm and peaceful. I like clean lines and open surfaces and try to steer clear of clutter.

Beautiful Scandinavian Apartment Design, for a simple lifestyle (3)

Beautiful Scandinavian Apartment Design, for a simple lifestyle (3)

Inspiration: Definitely inspired by the building’s age. During the renos we tried to stay true to its soul style while giving it the function of modern updates.

Favorite Element: I love the open-concept kitchen/dining room/living room. It is ideal for entertaining. I also love the nine-foot ceilings, high windows, rosettes, and crown moulding. And the original plank flooring, of course. I guess I just love everything original that we were able to bring back to life.

Biggest Challenge: Living in the space through the renos was definitely a challenge. And given the age of the building, there isn’t a single straight wall in the place. This made installing things like baseboards, door frames, and the whole kitchen quite difficult. Nothing is level in such an old building.

What Friends Say: Everyone loves the light up here. We hear a lot that it’s worth the trip up the four floors of stairs.

Biggest Embarrassment: Due to some plumbing challenges, there was no sink in bathroom for the longest time. Guests had to wash their hands in the kitchen.

Proudest DIY: The brick wall and wainscoting in the hallway. The woodwork had to be stripped, repaired, and refinished and the brick had to be chiseled out from inch-thick plaster and re-mortared.

Biggest Indulgence: The kitchen. We didn’t hold back on the design. I wanted a big kitchen that met both our current and future needs. Custom solid oak counter top with inset sink was an indulgence we don’t regret.

Best Advice: Don’t make rash decisions. If you are taking on a large renovation project, don’t be afraid to live in the space for a while to find out what your needs are before you start. This way you are sure to get it right the first time. Also, try to make timeless choices for the big elements in a home. You can always insert trendy design pieces through the decor.

Dream Sources: Bolia, West Elm, Design Delicatessen,,

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