90 Stunningly Examples of Scandinavian Interior Design

It’s straightforward while remaining ultra-functional. It celebrates natural light in a place that can go many months with very little sun. It there anything as stunningly simple as a Scandinavian interior?

Stunningly Examples of Scandinavian Interior Design (4)

Stunningly Examples of Scandinavian Interior Design (4)

Scandinavia isn’t just one place, it’s several. Just how many can sometimes depend on who you’re talking to, or even when. Traditionally, the term refers to three northern European countries – Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Currently however, the definition has been expanded in common usage to include Finland, Iceland, and even, though less often, Greenland. Though there are several historical and cultural similarities between these nations, there are also more than a few notable differences. The story of how they became united under the banner of home decor is one of the more interesting parts of the story, a matter of marketing as much as history, and one that begins with changing social philosophies at the end of the 1800s

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