80+ Awesome Scandinavian Kitchen Remodel

If you’re anything like me, you’re a bit interiors-obsessed at the minute. I keep trawling through various interior design magazines, blogs and Pinterest to find keep up with the interior design trends and get inspo for the rest of our renovation project.

Awesome Scandinavian Kitchen Remodel (3)

Awesome Scandinavian Kitchen Remodel (3)

One of the first spaces we completed in our new home was the kitchen and I’m super pleased with the results and think we’ve showcased our eclectic tastes, whilst keeping it clean and simple…not quite Scandi, but definitely Scandi-inspired

Undoubtedly, you would have come across the Scandinavian design and its beautiful focus on simplicity and you might be wondering how you can emulate that style in your own home?

The Scandi look takes inspiration from an industrial chic aesthetic that focuses more on a softer and clean colour palette. It’s simplicity is what gives it that stylish edge over other designs, for a contemporary finish. From what I’ve researched, for your kitchen, the best way to start to achieve this Scandi-inspired design, is with your tiles. Before you start accessorising and decorating, you need to first sort out a strong base for your design and this is why choosing the right tiles is crucial.

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